Mother's Day Gift Box: 2 Candles, 2 Bath Bombs and Personalized Card

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Any two Candles and two bath bombs from our sister's company Essential Addictions. They have been making high quality bath and body products for over 25 years! Select your complementary Personalized Card in this "Gifts" section.

If you want different candles then what is listed above, you will have to choose scents here, but enter your replacements in the "notes" area at checkout and we will switch them for you.

Bath Bomb scent descriptions:

Hawaiian Bouquet - an exotic blend of Gardenia, Pikaki, Plumeria and Tuberose fragrances.  Take a quick trip to the Hawaiian Islands with one whiff of this luscious, tropical blend. 

LilikoiThis moisturizing shea butter is scented with a juicy, tropical blend Lilikoi (passion fruit), guava, jasmine, pikaki, papaya, pomegranate, plumeria and tuberose. 

Drop one bath bomb into your bath water and watch it fizz as it dissolves into a softening and moisturizing, fragrant bath, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky.